CP Violation in Heavy Flavour Physics

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Welcome to violation of CP symmetry at AGH UST!


This year (2021) I am going to mix lectures written in the real time on the blackboard with the slides below.

  1. Introduction: why do we need CP violation slides
  2. Dirac Equation slides
  3. Symmetries and current slides
  4. Kaons story of CP violation slides
  5. Heavy flavours’ oscillations -3 types of CP violation slides
  6. CP Violation in the Standard Model slides
  7. CKM matrix slides

Fizyka na LHCb - kurs FT2:

  1. Wykład 1 slides
  2. Wykład 2 slides


  1. Dirac equation assignments
  2. Kaons mixings assignments
  3. CP violation in B meson assignments


  1. Observation of the oscilation in the neutral kaon system students’ report.
    Prof. Mark Thomson lecture “Particle Physics-the CKM Matrix and CP Violation” here
  2. Results on CP violation

Roofit simulation