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You can find a plethora of ROOT tutorials.

Working environment

HEP analyses usually require ROOT framework.

You can use ROOT on Windows but I strongly discourage you from doing this. You can either:

  • use our group server lhcbd1 (access through, you have both ROOT framowork, conda environment and data sets, see here,
  • use your personal computer with VM and install ROOT, see here,
  • upload our VM and become a happy user of well-configured VM, ROOT and conda application:

How to start with Jupyter Notebook


C++ or Py? This is the question…

Well, why not trying both? Below you can find example of the same analysis in ROOT in C++ and Python scenario [3]:

[1] LHCb Detector Performance, LHCb Collaboration, Roel Aaij et al. (Dec 19, 2014) Int.J.Mod.Phys.A 30 (2015) 07, 1530022
[2] Hadron Collider Physics Summer School - HASCO